Kalefa Sanneh and Greil Marcus

I really appreciated Dillon’s presentation of Kalefa Sanneh. Sanneh’s calm, soft-spoken tone really contrasted Katt Williams’ “pimp comedy.” Yet, Sanneh simultaneously spoke volumes of Williams’ comedy while not disparaging the means by which Williams gets his point across. By doing this Sanneh builds his own credibility to speak on all subjects, not just high art, because he analyzes all forms of entertainment as high art.

I read a piece in the New Yorker in 2014 from Sanneh where he discusses where Cosby stands now after his image of the perfect father and revered comedian has been tarnished. There’s several lines that I could include, but I’m going to chose one and hope you read it for yourself.

The audience laughed and applauded, still happy to listen to what Cosby had to say, and to give him an excuse to say it.

Sanneh effectively narrates the thinking of Cosby at the time. Certainly I would be interested in what Sanneh has to say about Cosby presently.

I really liked Lewis’ presentation of Greil Marcus, so much so that I sat for an hour listening to songs that Marcus said “were worth listening” to. ¬†This isn’t a piece of writing but I sat and clicked on links to different songs from vastly different genres. I listened to everything from the Jackson 5 to Conway Twitty and from Janis Joplin to the Police. I enjoyed this so much that I’m excited for when I can sit down longer with this music and wait for my next paycheck so I can order Marcus’ book “The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs.”



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